The overarching goal of MIHEART remains to help the State achieve its attainment goal—Sixty by 30. By working to increase the number of working-age adults with an education and training beyond high school, MIHEART hopes to make Michigan a top ten education state. Michigan has made progress toward increasing educational attainment but still lags when compared to the national average (51.9%). Michigan’s attainment rate is just 49.1 percent and would need to be 6.7 percentage points higher in order to be in the top ten for educational attainment.

To reach Sixty by 30, MIHEART offers an update in 2022 to its Michigan’s Talent Priority Top Ten Recommendations which was originally released as part of a report produced by MIHEART timed to convince legislators and the governor to make talent attainment a top public policy priority.4 Since the release of its last report in 2019, MIHEART’s primary goal has been adopted by the Governor and the Legislature.

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