Throughout the year, we like to share each of our success stories. Each news item is an opportunity to learn about an important topic or finding, discover something new about one of our team members, or keep up to date with the research activities in our office. Below you can find our most recent postings.

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Staff Spotlight: Virginia Orabone

Virginia Orabone is owner and chief financial officer of Public Policy Associates. She joined the company in 2005 as director of business management. Before coming to PPA, she was the...


Updating Food Distribution Program Data

Food banks rely on solid program information for many purposes—to plan for the future, improve programming, inform initiatives, target marketing, and communicate with donors. Unfortunately, pre-pandemic data may be outdated...


More Than a Witness

This year’s Black History Month theme is Black Family: Identity, Diversity, and Representation. Next month, it’s Women’s History Month, with a theme focused on voting rights and political leadership. When...