Nathalie Winans


Ms. Winans has extensive experience in the synthesis and visualization of data, as well as in qualitative evaluation design, data collection, analysis, and reporting.  In addition to these functions, she works to ensure that PPA’s work is accurate, compelling, and of high value to clients.

Her policy areas of interest include urban revitalization and placemaking.  Ms. Winans also has many years of experience in the evaluation of projects related to workforce development, food systems/food security, philanthropy, and social equity.

Ms. Winans has provided research, reporting, and data visualization services for numerous multiyear, multisite evaluations on a variety of topics.  In addition to these evaluation services, Ms. Winans has led the research components of strategic planning projects for many organizations.  She makes major contributions to projects at all phases, from initial conceptualization to research design, primary and secondary data collection, analysis, synthesis, and reporting, as well as group facilitation and planning.

In all of her projects, Ms. Winans plays a key role in the interpretation and reporting of research findings in formats that are carefully designed and customized to meet client needs while fulfilling PPA’s high quality standards.


Ms. Winans holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from Michigan State University.

Also notable

She is a fluent Spanish speaker and has developed surveys and conducted interviews in Spanish for several projects at PPA.

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