Imani Burris


Dr. Burris’ strengths include designing survey studies and quantitative data analysis, including linear regression and structural equation modeling.

He has expertise in taking a mixed-methods approach to examining the mindsets individuals develop to make meaning of academic and adverse experiences. He also seeks to understand the role of cultural contexts (e.g., social class, race) in shaping academic achievement and well-being for individuals of diverse backgrounds.

In his doctoral program, he contributed to and led research projects across diverse populations, including African Americans, Native Americans, college students, and individuals from working-class backgrounds. He has also collaborated with school districts to examine the respective roles that parents, teachers, and students have in shaping well-being and school outcomes. He has mentored undergraduate students through the completion of their honors theses.

Dr. Burris’ ability to highlight inclusive practices that improve outcomes for study participants of diverse backgrounds benefits clients.


Dr. Burris has a bachelor of arts in psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a master of science in social psychology from the University of Michigan. He completed his doctoral degree in social psychology at the University of Michigan.

Also notable

Dr. Burris was awarded a fellowship from the Dissertation Writing Institute to prepare his dissertation under the guidance of tenured faculty members. He is also in the process of preparing two manuscripts for journal submission.

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