Public Policy Associates, along with many of our clients and partners, attended this year’s Mackinac Policy Conference. The 2024 conference, hosted by the Detroit Regional Chamber, was held at the historic Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. The three-day conference brings together nationally recognized speakers and statewide thought leaders to discuss public policy in Michigan.

This year’s theme was “Bridging the Future Together” to inspire cooperation across divisions. This theme aligns well with PPA’s work as a respected, nonpartisan policy consulting firm. Our commitment is to foster “Better Public Policy for a Better World.” Attending the policy conference enables our firm to live into our mission and values.

Public Policy Associates was represented by Chief Executive Officer Rob Fowler, Chief Strategy Officer Dan Quinn, Affiliated Consultant Gary Heidel, and research partner Emily Houk of Research to Practice Consulting. Our team attended sessions, met with leaders across Michigan, and built trust among key decision-makers.

The conference provides an opportunity to learn from nationally recognized experts, network with our clients, and lean in on PPA’s policy knowledge and intellectual capital. Important conversations happen at the event each year that lead to policy change.

Public policy is shaped by the places people come from, the people they represent, and the policies needed to affect lasting change for all Michiganders. Being connected to our clients at the event provides PPA with tremendous opportunities to share best practices, display our work, and expand on our more than 30 years of experience.

This year’s event was exceptional for PPA, as it marked our first sponsored reception. PPA hosted a reception at the Mission Point Resort, where PPA was also represented by several of PPA’s past presidents and CEOs. This group included past president and current Chief Operating Officer Colleen Graber; former CEO Sam Singh, now a State Senator; former president Paul Elam, now Chief Strategy Officer at the Michigan Public Health Institute; and PPA’s founder and former president, Jeff Padden, who currently serves as chair of PPA’s advisory board. PPA project manager Anna Colby also attended PPA’s reception with PPA’s leadership team.