PPA Senior Research Associate Dr. Nathan Burroughs, along with his team of fellow researchers, has released a book titled Teaching for Excellence and Equity.

The book evaluates the relationship between common measures of teacher quality and student mathematics outcomes using an international dataset of 4th and 8th grade classrooms between 2003 and 2015.

By using a multi-model statistical approach, Dr. Burroughs and colleagues examined teacher effectiveness through both traditional measures (e.g., teacher experience and education) and less frequently employed measures such as instructional time, content coverage, and teacher self-efficacy.  They propose a reevaluation of the ways that teacher effectiveness is measured.

Dr. Burroughs is a member of PPA’s education and workforce development research team, studying innovative programming and system changes in four states.

Previously, he was an education researcher at Michigan State University, where he studied educational inequality, teacher preparation, and STEM curriculum reform.

Dr. Burroughs has also taken his expertise into the community, serving as a member of the Lansing Board of Education.  He can be reached at nburroughs@publicpolicy.com or 517-485-4477.