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In PPA’s latest issue brief, “State Workforce Policy Opportunities: Leveraging Crisis for Systemic Change”—developed in collaboration with the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW)—we discuss the convergence of record job loss and unemployment and the consequences of systemic racism. As states consider actions to respond to the new reality, they must respond to the crisis and address the systemic challenges that impede success in workforce development.

Many of the jobs that have been lost to the pandemic are unlikely to come back.  Those at risk of permanent job loss are disproportionately people of color. These workers will need to find a way to transition into a different industry or occupation, while gaining new skills.

Additionally, automation—occurring prior to the pandemic—is expected to cause 30% of U.S. workers by 2030 to change occupations. People of color are overrepresented in jobs at risk of change or elimination from technology-based changes to work.

PPA and CSW suggest questions for state policymakers to consider on the topics of lifelong learning, educational attainment, career navigation, and more.

You can read the brief here. To contact the authors of this brief, reach out to Colleen Graber (PPA) at cgraber@publicpolicy.com or Larry Good (CSW) at lagood@skilledwork.org.