Glennie Burks has joined Public Policy Associates, Inc. as a senior research associate.

”Glennie brings a long and unique experience with juvenile justice through his specialization in diversion programs,” said David McConnell, PPA’s vice president for research operations.  “Glennie is a welcome addition to our team working on criminal and juvenile justice issues.”

Mr. Burks specializes in juvenile detention and probation, as well as juvenile advocacy programs.  He has conducted research on topics such as defense and energy at the RAND Corporation and conducted policy analysis as a National Security Fellow at Harvard University.

Mr. Burks previously served as assistant warden (S3 operations officer) for the U.S. Army overseeing and managing the Army Detainee System.  In this role, he implemented a strategy to keep juveniles and adults separated by sight and sound. Additionally, he assisted the Ministry of Justice with building institutional capacity in juvenile justice where the focus was placed on youth, their families, and the community.

Mr. Burks’ background drives him to promote positive change through research and data analysis.  ”I am looking forward to supporting new approaches and sound policies that improve the justice system and reduce disproportionate minority contact,” commented Mr. Burks on his new role.

For more information, contact Mr. Burks at or 517-485-4477.