A happy father and child

A new PPA brief sheds light on child care providers’ experiences with providing care to children during COVID-19. The following are a few of the major findings from the brief:

  • Providers temporarily closed due to COVID-19 but state supports stopped closures from becoming permanent.
  • Grants were the most helpful and frequently used support provided by the state, followed by the ability to bill for more absence hours than normal for children of families that receive child care assistance.
  • Providers think that raising the minimum income limits; more information, education, and training; and higher subsidy reimbursement are key to increasing access to quality care.

The brief examines several policy changes related to the child care subsidy program and enacted by the State of Michigan, such as:

  • Allowing providers to bill more hours for absences that were due to the pandemic.
  • Offering Child Care Relief Fund grants to providers to help with their operating expenses.
  • Extending the eligibility redetermination period.
  • Allowing providers to bill for school-aged children who were engaged in remote learning while in care.

The brief summarizes the findings from interviews with 24 licensed child care providers in Michigan that have experience with the child care subsidy.

For the full findings and recommendations, see Child Care Assistance During COVID-19: The Provider Perspective.