Throughout the year, we like to share each of our success stories. Each news item is an opportunity to learn about an important topic or finding, discover something new about one of our team members, or keep up to date with the research activities in our office. Below you can find our most recent postings.

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School Meals in the Time of COVID-19

Schools have always played an important role in ensuring children have access to enough of the healthy foods they need to learn and grow.  When school is in session, students...


Using an Equity Lens in Evaluation

Policymakers, funders, and practitioners often turn to research and evaluation to learn about the outcomes and impacts of their efforts to make positive change.  To ensure maximum insights, evaluation and...


Mapping Inequity: Digital Access for Michigan Students

In April, Public Policy Associates, Inc. (PPA) released an issue brief analyzing the digital gap for Michigan students. The brief, Digital Inequities and Disparities: Technology Access for Michigan Students, examined...